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The project has the objective of developing of a service based on technologies of Internet for the planning and validation of radiological treatments based on new techniques of calculation. In particular, the service will count on the next modules:

This new service tries to improve the accomplishment of the x-ray planning, specially in complex cases, contributing new tools to the deprived professionals who at the moment plan in the hospitals public and private. The implementation of the present project will allow following improvements with respect to the conventional planning systems:

Algorithms of optimization of the treatment automated that allow to specially reach one better deposition of dose after complex treatments IMRT). This technique of optimization is not accessible habitually by the conventional planning due to the present use of manual techniques of selection of parameters based fundamentally on the experience of the radiologist or to the high cost of calculation of the automatic algorithms. In general clinical advantages of this tool are a smaller dose on healthy organs that surround to the tumor and one more a more uniform deposition by dose in the tumoral volume.

To reach a strategic position facing the new generation of planners who will include the method of Montecar it for the calculation of dose. By means of the use of this method of calculation will obtain a greater precision in the regions with strong variations of density. Also it allows his use for the verification of the results obtained with the developed tools of optimization in the project.

Rapidity of the result for benefits objective by means of the use of massive parallel computation.

Creation of a data base of treatment as much for its consultation by the sanitary professionals like for the academic formation and teaching. Distance of hardware complexity, management and manteniemto of the end user.

Access by means of architectures Web, which will allow a permanent update of the developed modules of transparent form, as well as inclusion of new modules in the future.

As resulting from the application of the project in the hospitals, will obtain one better planning of the treatments by x-ray with the one best one protection of the organs that do not need intervention and a better advantage the x-ray facilities.

Like concrete objectives of this subproject, the catalogue module of cases of interest, very useful will be made for the continuous formation of the radiologists and the investigators for the sake of improvement of the system, as well as the adaptation to distributed surroundings of the calculations of MonteCar it and optimization to reduce the times of delay of the results, increasing therefore the productivity of the end users.

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