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¿What is accesibility?

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. (Tim Berners-Lee)

The accessibility consists of the access to the information without any limitation because of deficiency(fault), disability, or handicap. There are great the persons who accede to the information of the web sites from very different circumstances, since:

Keys of rapid access for the principal menu of the site

There have been enabled keys of rapid access that facilitate the navigation. To use these keys of rapid access with Microsoft Windows the following key sequence is in use:

In systems based on the operative system MacOS can use the combination:

  1. CONTROL+ key of rapid access.

The keys of rapid access allow to cross the links of a website by means of the keyboard.

The principal menu of the site has the following keys of rapid access:

  1. 1 = Home
  2. 2 = Objectives
  3. 3 = Functions
  4. 4 = Acces
  5. 5 = Members
  6. 6 = Publications
  7. 7 = News

Equally it is possible to sail across tabulator.

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