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NOTE: This project is not longer supported due to budget restrinctions

Is a project which raises new systems of planning for the treatment of the cancer by means of the radiotherapy using distributed calculation and WEB interfaces. The results of the project will allow the following improvements with regard to the conventional systems:

  • Algorithms of optimization of the treatment that allow to reach a better deposition of dose for complex treatments, specially IMRT (radiotherapy with modulation of intensity). These technologies of optimization are not accessible usually for the conventional planning, due to the usage of manual technologies for parameter selection or the high cost of calculation of the automatic algorithms. In general, the clinical advantages of this tool are a minor dose on healthy organs that surround to the tumor and the most uniform deposition of dose into the tumour volume.
  • To reach a strategic position with a view to the new generation of planners who will include the method of Montecarlo for the calculation of dose. By means of this method of calculation a major precision will be obtained in the regions with strong variations of density.
  • Fast computacional result due to the usage of massive distributed computation.
  • Creation of a treatment database, for the health professionals as well as for the career education and teaching.
  • Concealment of complexity of hardware, management and maintenance to the final user. Access by means of tools web.
  • Successive software and methods updates without intervention of the final user.


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